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Lott Oil has been serving the construction and industrial sectors across north and central Louisiana for nearly 50 years. The area’s extensive forest land once was merely a scattered patchwork of loggers and sawmills. That has given way to an incredible array of high tech forestry equipment, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, the largest and newest plywood plant in the United States, EWP (Engineered Wood Products) and OSB (Oriented Strand Board), and ongoing major investments in the pulp, paper, and recycling industry.
Additionally, the area’s natural gas, electrical generation, clean coal technology and chemical industries have grown by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. From construction to production, Lott Oil brings Energy to Deliver to our customers, and with Mobil Industrial Lubricants, a warranty as well.


The rigors of America’s Passenger Vehicle sector continues to become more demanding with each new model year. Fuel economy and emissions controls place ever increasing demands on engine and vehicle performance, meaning the engine and transmission oils are being pushed to new limits of protection of the customer’s investment. As the area’s only contractually certified distributor of , Lott Oil services the majority of OEM dealers and service centers across the northern half of the state. And from the DIY’s (Do It Yourself) to the many Oil Change Centers and QuickLubes, we offer branded products, programs, and equipment to help better serve the end user. For more information Contact Us , or visit .

Commercial Vehicles

Transportation is America’s economic engine, and your fleet is a major investment to be part of that economy. Lott Oil knows fleets, because we have one—dozens of tractor/trailers, bobtail tank wagons, one and two ton stake beds, and a host of pickups. By assisting customers with OEM approved engine and transmission oils, we help minimize downtime and keep your equipment on the road making money. We can assist with analyzing the benefits of extended oil drain intervals, and can help steer you in the right direction with tanks, reels, and grease set ups for your shop. We can help set up your fleet for Signum Oil Analysis so that maintenance is predictive, not post catastrophic. Among our latest offering is bulk DEF, including help with determining the best dispensing and storage options for your needs. For more information, Contact Us, and check out this link for great information on Mobil Delvac 1300 Super, and learn what a “million mile oil” can do for your fleet: Click Here

Lott Oil Company Inc.

Lott Oil Company Inc.