Lott Oil Company offers comprehensive fuel, lubricant, and reliability services to customers in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. Our experienced team recommends advanced solutions to help your business reduce costs, increase reliability, and thrive in your market.

Lott Oil boasts a massive advantage in delivery. By combining our strategically placed distribution centers with over 100 company-operated delivery vehicles, we can handle all aspects of your delivery needs not only quickly but also efficiently.
From automatic tank monitoring to in-person equipment checks, you can count on our team to keep your inventory stocked and to ensure your equipment is always up and running at full capacity.
We sell and lease equipment for a variety of industries to maximize your business’s effectiveness. Plus, our experienced team also services equipment in case of a breakdown.
You need to trust your equipment to perform at maximum effectiveness. Our lubricant reliability services are performed by our Certified Lube Specialists (CLS), analyzing your oil for contaminants and ensuring your machinery is operating at maximum efficiency.
We give you fuel when you need it, scheduling deliveries quickly. We provide top-line fuel equipment to ensure your fleet is prepared to advance your company’s mission.
Because we own and operate our own convenience stores, we know retail fuels. We serve as a trusted advisor for your retail fuel business, offering insight into the market and helping you grow your business.

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